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Ideas, Failures, Lessons delivered weekly

The podcast where regular people reveal the ideas, failures, and lessons that led to their extraordinary success, proving you don’t have to be superhuman to be a Super Human.

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Meet your Super host Ina Coveney

After being promoted without a pay raise in her corporate job (thanks, but no thanks), Ina quit to build a 6-figure online coaching business from scratch before hitting 1,000 followers on any social media platform. She has helped hudreds of coaches create authentic brands, and has interviewed over 100 top online entrepreneurs who agree:

Success is not about being superhuman; it’s about being a Super Human.

Meet your host Ina Coveney

Let the BINGE begin


#265 From Corporate Employee to Financial Author with Jannese Torres

“My book is coming out 3 years to the day that I quit my job!”

#263 How to Help Others and Monetize Your Passion with Adrienne Rose White

“I’m a big believer in creating financial stability for artists.”

#257 How to Start a New Career Path from Scratch with Kristine Munro

“I had what “success” was, but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled inside.”

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